Book presentation in Madrid in March

There is a presentation of the book, "El Libro de Los Cinco Anillos",  written by Musashi Miyamoto (宮本武蔵), one of the sword masters in the history in Japan. One of his well-known book is "Gorin no sho (五輪書/ The book of Five Rings)", which is a text on Heiho (兵法) and martial arts. 


Now, the new translation in Spanish is published. Makiko Sese whom I did collaborations with last year is one of the translators of this book and in March, they are presenting this book. If you are in Madrid on the 12th of March, please come around. There will be a dance performance by Makiko and although I can´t be there, my small contribution work of Dokkodo (独行道) will be participating. 


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  1. Hi I have been looking very hard to find this script.  Is there anyway you would be able to send me a high resolution photograph of this? I woud be willing to pay via pay pal if necessary. It is for a tattoo I would like to get, i have found many versions online but none quite as clear and nicely written as this one. Please let me know my email adress is above and it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you  

    Michael Mtl - reply

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