Calligraphy performance in Madrid, UMU ~DAR LA LUZ ~

18th of June at Espacio Ronda in Madrid, our first kotonoha Odori (言の葉踊り/ dance of the leaves of words), UMU ~ DAR LA LUZ ~ was performed. Antonio Enzan Olías´s powerful Shakuhachi sounds gave our performance more depth. Makiko Sese´s Buto-like dance gave a strong impact on the audience and bring them into the Buddhist monk, Ippen´s ritual world. 

It was intense, especially to Sese whose emotions had come out like an explosion. It must´ve been the power of words - Kotodama -. I am very curious how Berliners will react. Looking forward to performing in Berlin on the 9th of July.


umu 2


umu 1

umu 4

umu 5


umu 3

umu 6

umu 12


umu 7

umu 10


umu 8

umu 15


umu 9

umu 11

umu 13

umu 14

umu 16

umu title      


If you are in Berlin in July, see you on the 9th of July at Villa Kuriosum!


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