The school Sosekido (素石堂) was formed by my sensei, Unkotsu Komine (小峰雲骨) many years ago. I was 13 years old when I first met him, and it was the beginning of my long-time calligraphy path.

Japanese Old Name of the Month-March

It’s already a half way in March and the air is getting soft with the smell of spring. 

Yayoi was the name for March in the lunar calendar and it’s become another name for March in the current calendar system. 
March in the lunar calendar was between later March and early May. It must have been warmer than March now. 

Yayoi is written as “弥生” in Japanese. The first character 弥 means “finally” or “more” and the second character 生 means “plants grow thickly”. March was the season of sprouting and growing after the winter has gone. 

The origin of yayoi is believed to come from a phrase, 

木草弥や生ひ茂る月 (kikusa iyaoi shigeru tuski)

the month that finally trees and plants grow. This has shorten to Iyaoi then finally pronounced as yayoi.  

Enjoy warm and sunnier days!

Written by: Juju Kurihara