The school Sosekido (素石堂) was formed by my sensei, Unkotsu Komine (小峰雲骨) many years ago. I was 13 years old when I first met him, and it was the beginning of my long-time calligraphy path.

Calligraphy Performance at a Pop Up Dinner

On the 10th and the 24th of March, there were Japanese dinner pop-up events and I was invited to perform those two evenings. 


The organiser, WANOWA is a cultural organisation based in Moabit, Berlin. They have been organising interesting events through Japanese culture, especially focused on Monozukuri (making things with hands). 


The events were held at CISpace – Coworking & Weinbar in Moabit. 


The visitors experimented a Japanese orizome craft before starting. 

Teriyaki chicken bowl and Tofu bowl were prepared by Yumi Tanaka. She is into fermentation such as Koji. 

We had two different groups of guests on those two days. Both groups were very curious in different ways. 


On the 10th I wrote a poem of Sakamura Shinmin (坂村真民).


“We live only once, we die only once, because this life is only once, let’s bloom our original flower like an annual flower.”

On the second evening on the 24th, I wrote a poem of Santoka (山頭火).


“If there are mountains, look at the mountains/on a rainy day, listen to the rain/spring, summer, autumn, winter/ mornings are good/evenings are also good”

Pleasant evening with nice audience. Until next event. 

Written by: Juju Kurihara