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Sosekido at the Christmas Market on Schliemann

As I announced last week, the last weekend was the Christmas Market on Schiliemann Straβe in Berlin. It was also an atelier opening day and each artist showed their work in different way. It was just brilliant and I had a lot of fun. Thank you for coming to see me. It was very nice talking to you all.


So here are what we had.


This was the day before. It was so improvisational and I was a little worried. Germans are very organised is just a myth.


The day at the entrance. A robot welcomed the visitors. 



The entrance for our space, a mistletoe was hanging although I didn´t see anyone kissing underneath.



The entrance to our room, I did a small decoration with origami.



In this room we are three. Lisa is the painter and Peter is the creator of the robot at the entrance. And me.



Lisa´s works. She paints good portraits.



This is Peter´s room. He says this is what inside of his head looks like.



This is my table. I have Christmas/New Year cards and 2015 calendar, which are still available for a purchase.

my table


The 6th of December in Germany is the St.Nicholas Day. This little boy was a little confused  while he was getting some painting advice by St.Nicholas.

santa vs kid


Yes, St.Nicholas´ real profession is a painter.

santa the painter


In the other room, there were Alper, the magician and Elgin who is a sculptor and gave children a workshop.



I also made a workshop, “Make your own New Year card”

A girl was very interested in my works and gave me thousand of questions, which unfortunately I didn´t quite understand because of my poor German. But she didn´t give up on me. So I gave her a newspaper and taught how to use the brush. She started criticizing her writing and wouldn´t stop practicing. Her name is Ren. She must´ve been with me nearly an hour and wrote her father´s name as a Christmas present. A woman who saw her writing eagerly thought the girl had been learning a while but no. The woman was very impressed. So as everyone who was in the room. I don´t know what she will do in her career but I do hope that at one point of her life he remembers this one hour of Japanese calligraphy.



After being pushed by friends, she finally decided to try her very first calligraphy. She was good but kept telling me that I was going to need to write for her eventually. And I kept telling her that it wouldn´t happen. She had chosen the word, “健”, health. It´s good, isn´t it? Look her proud face! I´m sure her friend will be happy to receive this New Year card.

did it


After the night fell, we enjoyed a performance, a comedy show, the music and the magic show. It was a very nice Christmas Market.

night light


See you until next time.


  1. Wonderful!

    We practice Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony all over Japan for the New Year’s Eve.

    I wish we have also Christmas Markets like yours at the Schliemann’s all over Japan.


    Tad, fukushima, Japan

    Tad Okazaki - reply
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