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Opening performance at Fellini Gallery in Berlin

Happy Easter to everyone!

Here is a small announcement for anyone lives in Berlin or is planning to come around to Berlin next week. I am going to perform at the opening party at Fellini Gallery in Berlin on the 24th of April.

We are three performers, Kazuma Glen Motomura is a Berlin based experimental dancer, Kaya Kamijo is a London based guerrilla DJ, and me, Juju Kurihara as a calligrapher.

We are happy to perform at the gallery opening party and will be rehearsing until then. This is the first time for me to write on the body and I am so excited about this new experiment.

Please contact me or Fellini Gallery if you like to make this performance happen. I will add your name on the guest list.

Door open at 19:00

Performance start at 20:00 (but a little depends on the sunset time)


Hope to see you there!!

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