New Year cards and the calendar for 2015

Wish you all Merry Christmas!

Finally the Christmas has come after all these days of shopping and wrapping presents. You may already have finished the first big meal with the family and feel relieved.

In Japan, people also celebrate Christmas but it´s a little different from the Western world. Not so much of the family but the couple. Many popular restaurants are full of couples who want to have a romantic dinner. They even reserve it more than a month in advance. For Japanese people, the New Year is more important for the families.

Nengajo (年賀状/ New Year cards) is one of the most common greeting card, which Japanese people send each other during the New Year (from the 1st to the 5th or 7th of January). Sosekido´s New Year cards with an original calligraphy is available.


“羊 (hitsuji)”, 2015 is a year of sheep.

Hope it becomes a peaceful year like sheep are. 

sheep year


“幸 (shiawase / Happiness)”

Wish you all a lot of happiness for 2015.



“健 (ken / Health)”

Wish you a healthy life for 2015.



“希 (ki / expectation)”

Wish you have a year full of good expectations.



Each of the New Year card is 8€ + postal fee and it comes with an envelope.


This is the calendar for 2015.

Every page is original with my original poem.

hitsuji calendar

January, “風花 (kazabana)” is snowflakes that fall from the blue sky like flower petals.


April, “夜桜 (yozakura)”.

Japanese people love to see the cherry blossoms in the night.


October, “銀杏(ginnan)”.

Ginko is a taste of autumn.


November, “時雨 (shigure)”.

Cold scattered shower in the early winter.



Calendar is 30€ + postal fee.

Please contact me via email for the purchase.

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