Neon Calligraphy at Japanisches Event at Fellini Gallery in Berlin

On the 15th of November, there was an event, Japanishces Event at Fellini Gallery in Berlin.

There was a little shop selling Urushi cups and bowls. They were beautiful.



There was also Japanese catering. Smoke salmon Onigiri was delicious!




For 5€ you can get this variety of tasty food. Yum!




Preparation for the performance. A little quiet moment before the show. We were becoming a little nervous.




Now, the show began. Some guests had a neon body painting on their hands or arms. When I turned off the light they grew in the dark like flowers. I thought “YES!” and I wasn´t nervous anymore. I felt strong excitement and vibe from the audience, which gave me a lot of energy. I appreciated.







neon callig


at fellini mini

Thank you for coming. I´m waiting for more photos, hope to share with you soon.




Talking about Sosekido

Neon calligraphy


  1. That looked very exciting which I where in Berlin.
    send me a mail if your performe near Copenhagen

    finn hagen - reply
    • Thank you Finn, I´ve never been to Copenhagen but I´ve got a few friends from there. It´d be nice to travel there for a performance. Let´s hope.

      Juju Kurihara - reply

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