table 1 progress

Interior calligraphy – Table -

We had an white table which had stains and burns. It wasn´t a special table but one one those mass manufacturing products. It wasn´t so pretty to look at but still a table and should be used. So, we decided to reform. New project, Interior Calligraphy


First, we painted in night black with an acrylic painting.

Unevenly coloured surface gives more interesting texture.




I decided to write "Hojoki (方丈記)by Kamo no chomei (鴨長明).

One of my favourite classic literature in Japan. 


table 1 progress


Finished. The table is covered with calligraphy and looks a little more special. 

I think I will write smaller next time so it could look more abstract. 

Now we need to find legs for this new table. 

table 1 finish


If you have a boring table and like to give it a new look. I´m happy to help you. Please contact me. 

If you are interested in this particular table, you can buy it by clicking the button below.


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