go vhampionship 7

Go terminology calendar in calligraphy at Go Championship in Berlin

This year too I was invited to the Go Championship in Berlin held at Hunboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

go championship 3


This year there were more children playing. 

The future "Kisei (棋聖/ master of Go)" are here.

go championship 10


My desk. I was next to the bookshop. 

go championship 8


go championship 4


Go calendar 2016. 

This year is a selection of Go terminologies.

All handmade, numbered.

I was glad to know that some people came to see me for the calendar and 

told me, "See your for the next calendar" when he left.

go vhampionship 7


Hanagomoku (花五目)

go champion 6


Tsumego (詰碁)

go championship 9


On the side, the organisers, Andreas and Kalli started playing

to show the woman how to play. 

go championship 1


Word on request.

"The 11th Japanese Ambassador Cup"

go championship 5


"Yoga in autumn"

go championshop 2


If you are interested in the calendar, please contact me via contact form. 

Cost : 25€ (Shipping is not included)


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