Exhibition – Zen One Way of Life – Opening Night in Berlin

26th of January, we had the opening night for out exhibition, Zen -One Way of Life- at Atelier für Photographie in Berlin. 

This was our third year to have an exhibition here. And like every year, the gallery gave us such a family, cozy feelings. Flower arrangement of Klaus Krämer perfectly expressed our theme. 

It's hard for me to explain Zen. I have probably never heard so much word, zen before coming to Europe. People often say "Oh, that's very zen" for what I say or do. Also many people seem to think zen = discipline. Everytime I hear these coments about zen, I just wonder, "they could be right". I think they are right, but they are always only one part and not the whole part of zen. For me, it's hard to put in words. I know what it is but as soon as I try to form in words, it escapes. It's like you try to see or touch the air. It escapes between your fingers. I think it's because I grew up in it. Zen was for me, just a daily life in the same way people in the Western world grew up in the different philosophy. There is no better or worse, it's just a way of life. We all want to live well, want to free from fear and worries. We all want to live happy. Zen is just one way of living. 



zen 6



zen 7

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zen 10

zen 1

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zen 2



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