Event in Madrid – UMU Dar a Luz -

After three years, I´m back to Madrid to perform. This is a collaboration with my friends, dancer Makiko Sese and a master of shakuhachi Antonio Enzan Olías

UMU – Dar a Luz - is the very first project of Kotodama series, which Sese and I like to contienue performing as a series. 

UMU – Dar a Luz is inspired by a Buddhist monk, Ippen Shonin (一遍上人) who formed Odori Nenbutsu (踊り念仏), which is a prayer to the Buddha with dance. Also he opened his temple to not only the noble people but to everyone, poor people and women. He claimed that the God wasn´t only one figure but was everywhere, over all in the nature. His teaching is shown in his word below.

よろず生きとし 生けるもの

​山河草木 ふく風


念仏ならずと いふことなし


All the living things,

mountains, rivers, plants and trees, even blowing wind

and the sound of the waves,

there is nothing else but Nenbutsu


If we could appreciate everything around us, our world would be a little more kind and easier place to live.


Event UMU – Dar a Luz -

The place: El espacio Ronda Madrid

The date: 18th of June at 21:00

Entrance fee: 10€

Reservation: Tel 91 366 1041, mobile  639 819 503 or email: info@espacioronda.com


Hope to see you all! 



- – - Spanish Below – - -


UMU (Dar a luz)

Serie Kotonoha Odori (Danza desde las hojas de las palabras)

Performance a través del haiku (poesía japonesa) del monje budista Ippen.

Jueves 18 de junio, 21:00 hrs.

Espacio Ronda Madrid

Entrada 10 euros


Juju Kurihara, caligrafía

Makiko Sese, danza

Artista invitado: Antonio Enzan Olías, shakuhachi


A todos los seres animados, 

A las montañas, ríos, hierbas y árboles, 

Hasta al viento que sopla y las olas que levantan,

No hay nada más que Nenbutsu.


Espacio Ronda está en la calle Ronda de Segovia  50, Madrid (Metro Puerta de Toledo, Autobuses 3, 23, 35, 41, 148, C1 y C2 /  Tren Cercanías, Pirámides)

Reservas: Teléfono 91 366 1041, móvil  639 819 503 o correo electrónico: info@espacioronda.com


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