Event – Calligraphy and guitar performance at Japaneische Wochen in Berlin

Happy Easter!

The spring has come although it doesn´t feel like yet. In Berlin, April started with some storm and hailstones. However the buds of trees and flowers are glowing and showing the evidence of spring.

At Königlichen Gartenakademie in Berlin, they holds Japanische Wochen to celebrate the end of winter.  The event itself has already started on the 28th of February until the 15th of May. And Sosekido is going to take a part of it.



Takeshi Nishimoto
©masako iwasaki

This time, I´m going to perform with a Berlin based guitarist, Takeshi Nishimoto who has been playing internationally and is well-known in Berlin. I´m very lucky to be able to collaborate with him. We will make a spring themed calligraphy companied with Nishimoto´s beautiful guitar sound.


Place : Königlichen Gartenakademie :

Altensteinstraße 15a . 14195 Berlin – Dahlem, Germany

Date : Sunday, 19th April 2015

Time : 15:30 (Please come earlier so you don´t miss it!)

Performers : Guitar - Takeshi Nishimoto

Calligraphy - Juju Kurihara


Hope to see you all there!

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  1. It is a pitty. I am on a walk with my family, Rosa and Zuzanna are also with me. If it would be also on Monday icould come. But sorry this time it is to spontanious for me. Next time I would like to see you soon again. A long time now that we do not speak or listen. So we will find a way.

    Regards and much luck for your wonderful spring performence, I guess and wish tyou both “All the Best”,

    See you soon

    magic marc

    Marc Haselbach - reply

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