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Calligraphy workshop at NION WEEK

The 1st of September NION WEEK will start. This is a 7-day festival where they celebrate a "diverse music & art, sake & food, workshop & crafts inspired by Japanese culture".

I will be giving a calligraphy workshop during this week. This is for all levels and we will write a kanji in three styles, Kaisho, Gyosho and Sosho. If you have your own calligraphy kit, please bring it, otherwise all the materials are provided. 

Date: 7th September

Place: NION Base 

Time: 14Uhr (duration 2.5 hour)

Fee: 10€ + VAT 

Ticket is available HERE.


I will be participating the opening day at the NION Week Festival and make a small performance around 4pm. The festival will be held at

@ Holzmarkt Projekt around and in Säälchen 

       Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin


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