Kalligrafie 12

Calligraphy workshop at Atelier für Photographie

During the exhibition, Moment with open eyes, I did a workshop. I´d chosen three characters, which were 月 (Tsuki/ moon), 花 (Hana/ flower), 風 (Kaze/ wind). And our aim was not only practicing how to write those characters but also express their own images over those objects. You may picture crescent as a moon but other person may like a full moon, for example. 

First, everyone was a little shy and tried to follow my example but then they slowly experimented their own character.



First, they were careful not to make mistakes.

Kalligrafie 5


Kalligrafie 9


Kalligrafie 8


Then everyone was inspired.

Kalligrafie 4 mini


Kalligrafie 1


And their final works!

Petra : "Spring gust" 

workshop petra


Wulfgang : "Wild rose"

workshop wulfgang


Alva : "Moon"

workshop alva


Coleene : "Tulip"

workshop coline


Hannah : "Wind"

workshop hana


Hans-Gaspert : "Moon"

workshop hans-gaspert


Matthias : "Wind"

workshop matias


Monica : "Daisy"

workshop monica


Rhada : "WInd"

workshop rada


Rhani : ""Wind"

workshop rani


Heide : "Spring wind"

workshop heide


Petra : "Wind"

workshop petra lo

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