Kalligrafie 25a

Calligraphy exhibition “Moments of Open Eyes” in Berlin

After months of practice and weeks of preparation, finally we had the opening day of our exhibitionMoments of Open Eyes. 

Thank you very much for coming. It was a very good atmosphere.


It started with a fanfare of a unique tranpet made by Wulf, one of the calligraphers and my students.



A small demonstration. "瞬間 (Moments)" for our precious moments to share. 

Kalligrafie 13a




opening 2



Beautiful Ikebana made by Klaus, another calligrapher and my student.




Our works. 

 right : Raku (楽/ Fun) by Klaus

left : Kagan seppu (花顔雪膚/ Face like a flower, skin like snow) by Jens

Kalligrafie 22a



left : Ryusui saki wo arasowazu (流水不争先/ Marging rivers don´t fight) by Klaus

middle : Motsubeki mono wa tomo (持つべきものは友/ Friends are important in your life) by Fion

right : Naka no chu (中の中/ Middle inside) by Wulf

Kalligrafie 21a



left : Zaigenzen (在眼前/ In front of the eyes) by Juju

right : Nozomi (望/ Desire) by Malgosia

Kalligrafie 23a



left : Jinsei koro (人生行路/ Life is a journey) by Malgosia

right : Kenssho (見性/ To see your own being) by Wulf

Kalligrafie 24a



left : Tomo (友/ Friend) by Fion

middle : Do (動/ Movement) by Juju

right : Tora (虎/ Tiger) by Jens

Kalligrafie 25a



In the middle is Fion, the youngest calligrapher. Sleepy?

Kalligrafie 14a



Snapshop before the opening. 

the team



These two works are on sale. 


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