The school Sosekido (素石堂) was formed by my sensei, Unkotsu Komine (小峰雲骨) many years ago. I was 13 years old when I first met him, and it was the beginning of my long-time calligraphy path.

July´s task – Kaisho Advanced

Sosekido has already started practicing July´s task. Let´s begin with Kaisho (楷書)  for advanced level. You can read this poem as “洲渚遠く陰映し (Shuusho tooku…

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Japanisches Sommerfest in 2013 – Thank you for comming

The 15th of June, unlike the last year, it was a warm sunny day. All my works arrived at the club house where…

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Japanisches Sommerfest in Berlin 2013

On the 15th of June, there will be der Japanisches Sommerfest (Japanese sommer festival) held in Berlin. Sosekido is invited this year too…

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