on leaf 3

On the leaf project

I love autumn. The streets are covered with colourful leaves and when you walk, it makes gentle cruncy sounds. I´m always tempted to jump in to a mount of fallen leaves. One day.

This year, I made "On the leaf project". Walking on the street, even the way to the station or a supermarket suddenly becomes interesting. I´m constantly looking down to see if there are any nice coloured leaves. As soon as sit down at the table and start thingking about a suitable character for each leaf. 

Here are some of them. Only sad thing is the leaves don´t last for long. Some I have kept them between the books, some I´ve tried to seal with wax papers and some with vanish for the floor. But majority of them I had to say good bye although it is the beauty of the nature. Nothing stays forever. 


on leaf 3

on leaves

on the leaf 6

on the leaf 7

on the leaf 8

on the leaf 9


on the leaf 10

on the leaf 11

on the leaf 12

on the leaf 13

on the leaf 14

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