Collaboration Wishes of Tanabata – 星に願いを-

This is a collaboration with a Mexican composer, Mario Hernández for Tanabata Festival on the 7th of July. It's an old legend in China and Japan and is the only day when Orihime (Vage) and Hikoboshi (Altair) can cross Amano-gawa (the Milky Way) only if the sky is clear.

Mario has told me about his passion towards Tanabata and we have decided to work as a collaboration. 


The calligraphy I am writing is a poem of Yamanoue no Okura (山上憶良 660-733) and he read about Orihime's excitement and nervousness while waiting for Hikoboshi.

The poem goes,

Moor the boat at shore

of the Milky Way

I wonder if you could come 

to see me tonight



Read about Tanabata: HERE

Watch more music of Mario Hernández : HERE


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