Calligraphy Course in Berlin

Sosekido offers calligraphy course in the centre of Berlin. Every week we practice together from a total beginner to experienced students. No matter which level you are, we can all learn from each other and share our ideas. Currently we are working on the ancient wrting styles and for the coming annual school exhibition in 2019.

Since September 2018, we have become a pertner school of Mugen Mirai founded by Unyen Kumagai and based in Ibaragi, Japan. Mugen Mirai's aim is to extend the oriental calligraphy by using ancient lettering and more focuses on art rather than "correct" writing as the traditional calligraphy schools aim. Sosekido introduces more ancient letters such as Tensho (篆書) into the lessons from now on and like everyone to enjoy the calligraphy.   


In our class, it´s up to you to choose your own words to practice. Your main aim is to create your own style and I am here to guide. Come and try as if you draw a picture or playing puzzle to fit your word into a paper. Concentrate on your expression, calligraphy is a good way to detox your agitated soul from the urban life.   



We are open classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Prenzlauer Berg.

Tuesday : adults : 17:30-19:00

Wednesday : kids : 16:30-17:30

                     adults : 18:00-19:30

Address : Schliemannstraße  30, 10437 Berlin.

Class Fee: 50€ per month

                     Student 40€ per month 

                     Children 35€ per month

                     15€ per lesson

                     Trial day is free  

More about Sosekido, please see HERE  and if you have any questions,  please send me a message here.