enso 2-1 mini

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If you like any of my works here, they are available at the Etsyshop.

I am also available for commision works and customise works.  

Contact to: juju@sosekido.com 



mu-30-01-20-001_miniNothingness (無)

H: 21,7cm W: 13,5cm



omoi 1-1

I think of you (Omoi)

H: 30cm W: 42cm



enso 2-2 mini


H: 30cm W: 42cm



falling stars 1 mini

Falling Stars

H: 21cm W: 30cm



ichigyo zanmai 2-1 mini

"Zen Word, Ichigyo Zanmai (一行三昧)"

The word "一行三昧 (ichigyo zanmai)" is a Zen word, which means try to focus on one thing.

H: 21cm W: 30cm



ichigo ichie 2-1 mini

"Zen Word, Ichigo Ichie (一期一会)"

The word "一期一会 (ichigo ichie)" is a Zen word, which means every encounter is unique. This might be your only chance to get to know this person, so take care of it.

H: 30cm W: 21cm